Save time and prepare for your child’s initial visit.

Your child’s oral health is our number one priority.

That’s why the first step is to gather as much information about them as possible. We’ll need to know about their allergies, previous dental problems, if they’re insured, etc., etc. It may seem like a lot, but we want to make sure we have all the details down in order to provide the very best care to your child.

You may fill out all of the paperwork when you come into our office, or if you scroll to the bottom, there is a PDF version of the same paperwork. Download it, print it out, and bring the completed form with you to get a head-start!

Online Child Patient Forms

Fill out our patient forms online below.

  1. Child Registration Form (Secure Online Form)
  2. Notice of Privacy Practices (Secure Online Form)
  3. Acknowledgement of Receipt of HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures (Secure Online Form)

You can also print and fill out these forms before coming into our office.

For your convenience, we have provided our patient forms online (preferred), but we also have them for download in PDF format so you may print and complete before your initial visit, if you wish.

  1. Child Registration Form (PDF Download)
  2. Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF Download)
  3. Acknowledgement of Receipt of HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures (PDF Download)

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