A filling is one way to repair a tooth damaged by decay.

It solves the problem with a cost effective solution in just one visit.

To begin the process, the decay must be removed completely. The first step is to numb the tooth with a local anesthesia, so that you are comfortable and pain free. The second step is to create a cavity preparation in your tooth that allows us to access the decay.

Image of Tooth Filling Services in King of PrussiaOnce the decay is removed and the cavity preparation is completed, the tooth is filled with a material of your choosing –  most commonly a tooth colored dental composite material or amalgam. After the bite is checked to fit your comfort and the restoration is polished, the procedure is then complete.

Having a healthy set of teeth is something that requires semi-constant monitoring and we’re here to help make it as easy as possible for you. Although, the process of decay never ends and that is why we recommend regular dental cleaning visits twice a year with check-up x-rays to monitor your dental health.

Cavity Fillings

A very frequent occurrence for people who have not had regular checkups is the development of cavities. This is especially common in young adults that had no dental issues growing up that tend to forfeit regular checkups since there is no pain in their teeth. This can lead to a lot of cavities that people are unaware of, and if there is no nerve pain these are usually treated with dental fillings.

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