Crowns are used as a long-term solution to dental damage.

They return the strength, function, and aesthetics back to your smile.

When a tooth is damaged due to an accident, gradual decay, or in need of a large filling, a crown is your best option for restoring your smile. They cap the entire visible portion of the damaged tooth, covering all previous damage.

Image of Crown Filling - Dental Emergency Services in King of PrussiaIt’s a simple two-step process that ensures you feeling as comfortable as possible. At the first appointment the tooth is prepared under local anesthesia. We then reshape the damaged tooth and get a quick impression for the new tooth. We may take pictures so the new tooth is the appropriate size and the color matches your existing teeth. You will then return for the second step about two and a half weeks later for the insert of the permanent crown.

Crown Replacement

Usually, crowns are excellent solutions for damaged teeth without actual damage to the root. There are several different types of crowns, including metal crowns, resin dental crowns, porcelain fused with metal crowns, and all-porcelain or all-ceramic dental crowns. Crowns wear out over time. Porcelain dental crowns can chip, and may need to be replaced. If you have had an old crown that has been bothering you, come to King of Prussia Dental for your better replacement dental crown.

Consequences of not getting a dental crown

There can be consequences of not getting a crown when your dentist recommends one.

If your tooth is decaying and you do not get a crown, the decay will accelerate leading to further problems down the road, including the possibility of having to undergo root canal treatment or having the tooth extracted. There can be cracks in the tooth that could lead to discomfort or pain upon biting or chewing, and if not addressed may lead to a future root canal treatment, or even loss of tooth! A crown is a very good solution to a lot of dental issues, including discoloration, broken or chipped teeth, or large cavities, so if your dentist recommends it, it is a great idea.

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