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The first time you visit us, it may seem like a flurry of papers, but we do our best to keep it simple for our valued first time patients. We’ll need some health and insurance information from you before we can start any kind of dental work. We’ll also ask you to fill out a few forms about yourself. That way we can provide a friendly, familiar atmosphere for you when you visit our office.

If you’d like to get a head start before your first visit with us, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and find the PDF versions of our forms. Make sure it’s filled out, signed, and brought with you for your first appointment.

We’ll then perform an initial exam which will take approximately 90 minutes. You’ll have your teeth cleaned and x-rayed, so we can look for any pre-existing conditions. Once the first exam is over, we’ll outline areas of concern or tell you that you’re perfectly fine! However, we’ll always offer up some helpful advice on how to get those teeth even cleaner.

Online Patient Forms

Fill out our patient forms online below.

  1. Adult Patient Registration Form (Secure Online Form)
  2. Young Adult Registration Form (Secure Online Form)
  3. Child Registration Form (Secure Online Form)
  4. Notice of Privacy Practices (Secure Online Form)
  5. Acknowledgement of Receipt of HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures (Secure Online Form)

You can also print and fill out these forms before coming into our office.

For your convenience, we have provided our patient forms online (preferred), but we also have them for download in PDF format so you may print and complete before your initial visit, if you wish.

  1. Adult Patient Registration Form (PDF Download)
  2. Young Adult Registration Form (PDF Download)
  3. Child Registration Form (PDF Download)
  4. Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF Download)
  5. Acknowledgement of Receipt of HIPAA Privacy Policies and Procedures (PDF Download)

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