Do you have stains, gaps, or crooked teeth that you would like to get corrected?

Veneers guarantee an authentic look with a perfectly aligned smile.

Veneers are essentially a thin shell placed over an afflicted tooth, causing it to look like a natural, healthy smile. At King of Prussia Dental Associates, we have the ability to restore that beautiful smile of yours. And don’t fear! Veneers are stain resistant to even the toughest perpetrators such as coffee, tea, and cigarettes. Not only will they look nice, but also they’ll last a long, long time.

The process is a simple one that involves only 3 steps – diagnosis, preparing, and bonding.

  1. Diagnosis – Here, you and your dentist will talk about which teeth need veneers. You’ll play an active part when designing your new smile! We’ll take a few impressions of your teeth, draft up some designs, and then have you decide what looks best.
  2. Preparing – During this step we’ll shave off about a half of a millimeter of your tooth’s enamel. This is to account for the approximate thickness of the veneer. We’ll then take an impression of the shaved tooth or teeth in order to create the perfect fitting veneer.
  3. Bonding – Finally, when all the impressions are made and the veneers are crafted perfectly, we’ll apply them to the afflicted tooth or teeth. We use special cement that hardens quickly so you’re not waiting around forever. We’ll then clean and polish them. A few follow-up appointments should be made in order to confirm your comfort and pleasure with your new teeth.

Professional dental care serving sparkling smiles.

Our dentists are dedicated to providing the high quality and most comprehensive care in all of dental treatment. They can leave you with a brighter, straighter smile!

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