Success Stories

At King of Prussia Dental

We make sure we do exceptional work, and we’re not afraid to show it!

The page below is dedicated to showcasing the many successes in cosmetic dentistry department. Scroll through them and see if any of these methods might help you smile a little wider and a little brighter.

Composite Bonding #1
A particular problem that exists in many people is a gap between the front two teeth. We had one patient come in for a visit with just that, a space between his two front teeth. He also happened to have smaller lateral teeth that looked disproportionate to his central teeth,...Read More
Composite Bonding #2
We had another patient come into our office looking for a full smile makeover. This type of procedure requires a little more work, but all-in-all it only took three hours to complete. She wanted a whiter, brighter smile, but also equally and proportionately sized teeth. Enamel bonding was the way...Read More
Composite Bonding #3
Sometimes that slightest gap can make us feel self conscious about our smile. Luckily, we can utilize enamel bonding, which is a simple, pain-free solution that can correct the smallest or largest gaps in between teeth. One patient had a slight gap between his two front teeth and wanted it...Read More
Composite Bonding #4
The smile above belonged to a woman who was about to get married. As a gift to herself, she wanted a brand new smile before she walked down the aisle. We were all too happy to make that happen for her. We made her teeth brighter and aligned them perfectly....Read More
Composite Bonding #5
This gentleman had a few fillings that needed to be performed. However, he also wanted a brighter, whiter smile. With enamel bonding, we filled the cavities and covered the front surface with the same bonded filling material, leaving him with a healthier looking smile. This full smile didn't have any...Read More