Sleep Dentistry

At King of Prussia Dental, we offer two forms of sleep dentistry for your child.

The simplest form of sleep or sedation dentistry is the use of “laughing gas.”

It’s been used in the dentistry industry for many, many years and is 100% safe. It will place your child at ease if they happen to be nervous about any kind of dental procedure.

The second form of sleep dentistry involves anesthesia

Your child will be under for the whole process. We only do this for children with extreme fears of the dentist, children who need extensive work, or children with special needs.

If your child has a need for sleep dentistry, King of Prussia Dental has a partnership with the Children’s Surgery Center at Malvern, and your child will have the procedure done at this facility.

However, THIS IS NOT A REFERRAL. Your child’s dentist, the same dentist who did all of their previous work, will be the one doing the dental work at the Children’s Surgery Center at Malvern. This facility is just better equipped to handle the anesthesia needs as they have their very own dental surgery section.