Crowns are used as a long-term solution to dental damage.

They return the strength, function, and aesthetics back to your smile.

When a tooth is lost due to an accident, gradual decay, or in need of a large filling, a crown is your best option to restoring your smile. They cap the entire visible portion of the damaged tooth, covering all previous damage.

It’s a simple two-step process that involves one initial appointment to assess the situation and a second appointment to fix the damage. During the second appointment, we’ll have to file down the damaged tooth along the chewing surfaces and sides in order to make room for the crown. Slight application of anesthesia will be needed to numb the area around the afflicted tooth.

Once it’s filed down, we’ll quickly get an impression of it and have the crown made. We’ll make sure the size and color is appropriate and won’t affect your ability to bite or eat. Upon completion of the procedure, you’ll be left with an undamaged smile!